Mohiuddin Safeer

Safeer Mohiuddin

Founder of Underage Investor, Former SDE Intern at Amazon

Name:Safeer Mohiuddin


2013 - 2013


Intern, Software Development Engineer
  • Built a tour integrated with the AWS DynamoDB Console to increase engagement. The tour creates a sample application with actual data to illustrate how DynamoDB works and demonstrate its capabilities. Demystifies primary keys and queries and how they are different in DynamoDB compared to other NoSQL databases.
  • Conducted usability study to understand drop off in usage and knowledge gaps. Established benchmarks to measure effectiveness of tour.
  • Created reusable libraries for future AWS Console tours.
  • Utilized open source libraries such as hopscotch.js and GWT-Tour to implement visual aspect of tour.


2012 - 2012


Intern, Technical Product Management
  • Developed UI of iPad application to demonstrate capabilities of SAP HANA (in-memory database) and SAP NetWeaver Gateway. Led UI design and development, created initial wireframes and established UX. Worked with designers to create a stunning UI. Feature demo at SAP’s TechEd conference.
  • Led Social Media initiative for division to engage with customers and prospects. Defined a structure to leverage various media channels by establishing a method for 200 colleagues in the division to collaborate and schedule new content. Trained colleagues on utilizing analytics to measure and improve engagement.
2011 - 2012


  • Defined vision for consumer product to discover local activities happening now.
  • Defined vision for platform including mobile, web, widget and developer API.
  • Developed major parts of iPhone application using Objective-C. Defined UX for the application.
  • Developed majority of Android Application using Java. Created REST API interface to server, UI elements and implementation of device resources including camera and GPS.
2009 - 2011


Engineering Intern
  • Single handedly developed, designed and submitted Android application.
  • Created a template driven architecture for the application that could take any content written by Shmoop editors and create a custom Android application.
  • Managed, developed and submitted over 1000 PDF’s and eBooks by extracting data from internal database and formatting it to various eBook store formats such as Amazon Kindle, Apple iBooks, Barnes & Nook Nook, Sony eBook Reader and Google eBook.
  • Communicated with Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Sony and Google to ensure smooth delivery of over 1,000 eBooks and PDF’s.
2008 - 2009


  • Bought & Sold $100,000 worth of iPhones domestically and internationally through eBay and Craigslist.
  • Managed and Tracked all expenses and profits. Made over $10,000 in profit.
  • Implemented Marketing techniques to get highest prices and profits.

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